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© Information concerning the copyrights and signatures of this web site.

Connecting image 2 A is at the origin of the signature for the majority of the PDFs.



List of CONNECTING IMAGES & COMPARISONS. Last updated in December 2015.

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The passage from some of the small images to the others inside the different files is not as fluid or complementary as the natural elements described in TRANSITION or the connecting images 2-10, 12-40 and 48-60 (handmade images). This will result in some minimal cerebral energy loss because the images are small and STATIC.

For those interested: VITOCKEY used to be FAST HOCKEY (vite or vitalité in French and vitality in English). The letter H of the word HOCKEY has been removed because it is next to the plosive T and H is aspirated in English. VITOCKEY which is conceived to be a very fast game, has three syllables and can easily be pronounced in many languages.

www.vitockey.com has been and is being visited on a regular basis by countries mainly in the northern hemisphere: Canada, China, England, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, Korea, Japan, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Sates, Ukraine, etc. As for copyrights, the game Vitockey© is protected internationaly, April 2012.


 The transition between the different elements in the game vitockey aim at duplicating a fluid motion similar to the one in the left / right image (green to brown & brown to white).

800 x 900


800 x 900


1) Development of Vitockey ©

2) 2005, "Kit for an elliptical skating rink" (full size board) was patented #2,197,911 under my name in Canada.

3) 2009, The trademark "VITOCKEY" #1250194 has been accepted, it has not been finalized due to the costs.

4) 2011, A patent application # 2,750,042 for "Kit for an ice/ground level elliptical rink indoor/outdoor" was filed under my name in

5) A demonstration of this ice level kit (flexible tube) was filmed and paid by Radio-Canada in August 2011.

6) Radio-Canada tried to denigrate this universal game in March 2012.  

7) 2012-13, the trademark Vitockey and the patents were not renewed.

Vitockey uses its playing area to the fullest (center - ends front / back of the net). The combination of the straight line pass with the curve pass is a PLUS, and somewhat synonymous to ''Pass & score". These passes can be learned quickly by young athletes who have had limited or no experience in moving the pursued object within the playing area with or without a container. At first, experienced hockey players will play hockey inside an ellipse but with practice, most should easily adapt to these new plays. 

The value of a game can be rated according to its number of possible plays. Vitockey with its continuous elliptical board introduces an exceptional amount of passes, as never seen before = EXPLORATION for the players, the referees, and the spectators.

November 2014

 The game Vitockey is in reality an introduction to a parallel environment (unified audio-visual sensory information), for a better understanding please view TRANSITION.

Theories: This means that the almost continuous MOTION occasioned by the participants is instantly recognized (universal) by the spectators who can eventually reach a level of consciousness capable of understanding that each branch in the Tree of Life represents a country, or equality for all, please refer to CI 59. When surrounded by unified sensory information, the thought process can eventually reach the dimension 'exploration' to access personal, global, ecological, universal solutions...  

Everyone (players, referees, spectators) involved is a winner.

For those interested: Instead of building a kit using a drainage pipe (age 5-9) or a board of 30-50cm in height (age 9 and up), it would be easier to start introducing a parallel environment by making VIRTUAL GAMES like "Parallel versus non parallel". The results will speak for themselves, silencing the static minded.

The majority of athletes and sport fans believe that the present world of sports is visually fine as it is. The limited use of cerebral energy (barely from 4 to 5%) is caused by the visual organization = broken sensory information from every angle which saps the remainder of cerebral energy. Theory: BSI triggers negative behaviors.

Who will set up a VIRTUAL parallel environment in MOTION?

October 2017 

The highly communicative movement of the ice hockey players (mainly curves) is erased by the audio-visual broken sensory information in all the leagues of hockey, and this worldwide. The visual performance aside from some rare moves from exceptional players, is limited to the final score. 

If the players were surrounded by a parallel environment - golden rule, and the application of the universal discovery Transition, we could obtain quasi infinite possibilities of renewed curves or a fluidity that can reduce and eventually eliminate the importance of the final result. Deduction: Our purpose is to explore, and athletes can play an important role when surrounded by unified (RECOGNIZABLE) sensory information. For more information, PLEASE view natural connecting image 66

February 2018 



Vitockey is a game conceived according to a parallel environment whose level of visual communication is very high. The transition between the different elements aims at duplicating a fluid motion similar to the above images. These minimal explanations can be referred as an introduction to better understand the definition of unified sensory information and an objective approach to visual communication.

For those who have already visited this site, you can have a preview of some of the newest images HERE, and the most recent files are catalogued in this FILE.


HTML 10/2011


PRE-REQUISITE: Kit for an ice / ground level elliptical skating rink. This new kit introduces the magical passes triggered by the ellipse.



100 kb





An article from the Prince George CITIZEN including comments from some of the players who participated in the demo of this new kit.

1900 x 1600 PRINTABLE

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PDF 10/2011

Installation guide for the outdoor kit "Ice / ground level elliptical skating rink". The file .rtf includes the installation du kit / the kit / the exercises / dimensions / and a synopsis.



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the following 8 files are inside 

T En 4






pdf 8/2013

Indoor kit for an ice / ground level elliptical skating rink.


3000 x 1200

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Possible systematic approach to familiarize oneself with this new game. 4 flexible ice level ellipses (2 NA, 1 Olympic and one Golden) inside a regular skating rink, age 5 to 7 or 9 or 12. A fixed ellipse 30 cm in height minimum (age 10-17) and another one of unlimited height (age15 and more) = the higher the board the higher the number of passes towards infinity…



145 kb




Basic EXERCISES, after awhile, the motion of the puck along the board is a reminder that the earth rotates around the sun...



110 kb




EXERCISE: By rounding off the distance between the elements that form the Golden triangles we obtain the symbol of infinity. Possibility to skate inside NA / Olymp / and a Golden ellipse.



125 kb

PDF 2/2012

Examples of seeds that influenced the addition of an horizontal Golden triangle in the game Vitockey. Connecting image 61 also played an important role in this.  

1800 x 1200


1.22 mb



DIMENSIONS according to the Golden rule: North American and Olympic format (horizontal and vertical views). Explanations and images. The Golden triangles and rectangles are part of the images.



152 kb

The addition of the horizontal Golden triangle creates a stronger connection between the Golden rectangle of the ends (goals, front view) and the central Golden rectangle (four circles between the green blue lines for outside or penalties). This should help improving the precision of the shoots at the goal, plus having plays on all the surface (center, in front and behind the goals) = the teams will probably use alternating goalies. Please view the suggested rules score from behind.



DIMENSIONS: North American and Olympic format (horizontal and vertical views). The Golden triangles and rectangles are not part of the images.



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"CourbeCurve" the importance of the curve as visual communication and examples of exercises for the game Vitockey. For more information please view Mouvement-Motion&sports (1, 2) et TRANSITION 11 a, b, c.


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T Fr  En 1

PDF 5/2012

Evolution of VITOCKEY.


2.19 et 2.30 mb

T En 4


VITOCKEY and ADVANTAGES, introduction of the CURVE PASS, Parallel Color ©, a Transitional color kit © ...

In order to eliminate collisions, the athletes have to be surrounded by an adequate level of recognizable sensory information so that the brain can use its energy on focusing and sharpening reflexes. Theory: This can be achieved by combining the Curve / Ø / and a transitional color kit.





PDF 3/2011 

VITOCKEY and the Golden Rule. Unfortunately the Golden Rule is not incorporated in the world of sports. It not only describes the human figure (with some slight variations) but it is visually speaking, highly communicative.

7300 x 1600

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T En 4



(KEY FILES) POWER POINT, Please save the file and open it with Power Point 2003 or a more recent version, choose "for reading only", to the right. If you have any suggestions or want to print this file, please contact the center for the password.

PPT 3/2011 

VITOCKEY, preparation and suggestions aimed at familiarizing oneself on how to skate inside an ellipse on cement or pavement or plastic or ice.

(18) 960 x 1280

5.51 mb

4-7 min approx

T En 3

PPT 3/2011 

VITOCKEY and the Golden Rule. Introduction of the CURVE PASS, animated explanations.

(27) 960 x 1280

2.54 mb

4-7 min approx

T En 6

Animation FLASH 2 D & 3 D

3 D


Minimal visual information, view from above "Pass & Score", 2006.


75.1 kb

3 sec


3 D


Minimal visual information, eye level "Pass & Score", 2006.


226 kb

3 sec


The height or the width of the goal, to be decided by experienced vitockey players.

VITOCKEY and the world of SPORTS


When this game is organized according to the concept of a parallel environment (the combination of the Curve / the Golden formula and a transitory kit of color including Parallel / Expansionist Color © -a new system of color-), the visual transition from small (puck = 42 square centimeters) to large (ice surface = North American 12400000 or Olympic 14590000 square meters) or 1 to 295238 or 347380, is highly communicative because of the connecting elements = recognizable sensory information = the use of more than 50% of the brain = excellent reflexes in order to avoid collisions... For more information, please view Transition.

PUBLIC INPUT to further develop the rules of the game VITOCKEY © is WELCOME


Sensory information of everyday life is the accumulation of personal experiences and those shared with others.

Theory: Unified sensory information of a parallel environment that lets the participants progress toward knowledge.

Theory: Disconnected sensory information of a non parallel environment that forces the participants to almost constantly try to find the parts that can ease passage between the unprepared oppositions

 (the "anything goes" or almost).

In the images above, 3 replicas of  "Family", the smallest form symbolizes a new born child or innocence. The curve facilitates the transition from LARGE (mother and father) to SMALL (the child), center (pine and white wood) and the sides (pine and virtual), 1984-2007.

It is an excerpt from the unique connecting image 10 B.

Unique because a sculpture (3 D) is enlarged using drawings (2 D). Explanations in French accompanied by a word file for translation.

The seven images are in a zip file, (505 kb).

Information about the Golden rule: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden ratio

For suggestions that can improve this new game or for email: rc@vitockey.com 

and for malfunctions with this site: connections-links@vitockey.com

Wishing you unified sensory information, 

Jean-Jacques Giguère

visual name          resume (pdf 12/2015)           connecting images (pdf 12/2015)  

More than 80,000 hours of research, mainly in solitude, brought me to the following conclusion:

Sensory information will play a key role toward global unification.

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