Kit for an ice / ground level elliptical skating rink

All the WORDS files accompanying the PDFs in this page are inside "kit-ice-level(4)".rtf except for "Vitockey and the golden Rule". Most of these PDFs can be printed and viewed in large format (vector).

This ice level elliptical kit (indoor/outdoor) is accessible to most people because of the following:

  • Its low price, the cost for a 1 inch drop pipe/irrigation tube including its anchorage to the ground/ ice for an Olympic size format retails for approximately $500.00. An Olympic circumference is 151.4 meters or 497 feet. These drop pipe/irrigation tubes come in length of 100, 200, 300, and 500 feet, for more information you can go to To the right of the page you will find the PDF "PIPE WITH THE STRIP". Page 1, the blue tube was used in the images above.

  • The flexibility of the material permits quick creation of ellipses of any format with the same pipe, contrary to a full size elliptical rink that is limited to one size at the time. In the pictures above, the wooden kit was used because it was not possible to anchor the tube to the cement (frozen pipes...).

  • Installation is quick, please view the PDF "INSTALLATION". For explanations on how to draw an ellipse, the link to "Draw an ellipse using string and 2 pins  and Constructing Ellipses     

  • It can easily be stored, etc.

Vitockey aims at moving an object inside a contained elliptical surface from one end to the other, in the middle and on the sides. Most pucks shot on the left or right side of the rink will return on the opposite side because of the continuous curve of the ellipse. When the athletes pursue the puck inside this kit limited to ice surface plays, they become aware that the continuous curve of the ellipse not only brings a very large variety of passes from the players to the board, back to the players, but triggers the challenge to find new plays and opens the door to more exploration and the eventual need for a higher board or more passes that can be provided by a full size board, more costly and limited to one size at the time unless someone comes up with a flexible board. This new kit also introduces the athletes to experience exercises dealing mainly with the Curve, and at a very high level of continuity, because with practice, the stoppages become very limited. With only two hours of practice inside HALF an ellipse, the players involved in this demonstration of this KIT found that the puck never stands still. The combination of it all can lead to a flow of fluid motion. As a result, a minimum level of skills is initially required from the participant, who will develop with experience.

These indoor/outdoor ice surface rinks are a prerequisite to regular future Vitockey , because they provide an introduction for the learning of the important basic skills for this new game: A Vitockey player should

  • eventually be an ambidextrous skater,

  • be able to easily skate forward and backward from a large (center) to a medium surface (behind the net),

  • be able to easily skate almost continuously, especially when it comes to going back and forth.

  • be able to go around the net back and forth with ease. With the application of the Golden Formula, the distance behind the back of the net to the end board is 6.1 meters, for more information, please download the vector files PDFs Dimensions-NA-O-En and Vitockey-NA-AN-O.

  • be able to know the reaction of the puck from every angle of the ellipse, for example; shooting the puck from the center of the ice (angles 10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80), then from different locations,   

  • should be able to easily pass the puck from middle left to middle right using the curved pass,

  • be able to execute the suggested penalty shots.

  • For visual examples of some of the above, please view the PDF "ExercisesEn", the Power Point "Vitockey and the Golden Rule", the Power Point "PAT" preparation and suggestion including a unique ambidextrous approach... and the flash animation "haut-above".

Due to the continuous curve of an ellipse, the game displays a moving flow with minimal interruptions. The participants interested in defining the rules of this new game will hopefully experience and reflect on the following suggestions:

  • No physical contact, because it breaks the continuity and many of these passes demand a very high level of concentration.

  • Penalties will be issued for skating inside the crease for both teams because the goalie has to be highly focused. 

  • Penalties for trying to score from behind the net within the width of the crease.

  • Penalties will be issued for outsides at the blue green line because they break the continuity of the game.

  • Penalties for shooting higher than the ice level except when one is close to the goalie and also if one misses the goalie or the net too many times. 

  • No fighting because it breaks the continuity. 

  • All players should wear face masks because injuries can be costly.

  • The play is instantly stopped if any of the players loses their helmet and or face mask because of the lack of protection to the head. 

  • The length of the periods can be decided according to the cleaning of the ice. Vitockey being an almost continuous game eliminates many stop and go (s) or snow making. 

  • The color of the puck has to be visible; in relation to the color of the surrounding ellipse, in this case the present pump drop pipe are either blue or black. 

  • If there are spectators attending these practices, they should be welcomed to ask for live replays and or suggest new plays that they would like to see executed. The players should be more than willing to experiment.

Experienced players should eventually decide on the eventual size of the puck and the goal according to the Golden Formula, etc. For more information, please view the rtf file "Potential Vitockey game script" inside the "kit-ice-level(4)", the PDF "Vitockey and the Golden Rule" and the PowerPoint "Vitockey and the Golden Rule".

The use of three forwards / two defensemen / one goalie is the result of the visual format of an ellipse (large to medium). The preceding, and the universal visual concept of Vitockey being highly communicative visually speaking remain as is. These universal applications (the Curve, the Golden Formula, a Transitional Color kit including Parallel Color ) aim at helping the athlete performs at a very high level.

The rules for the plays should only be approved by the players because they fully experience this new game. Anyone can make recommendations, those are experienced / accepted or rejected by the players with explanations.

For those interested in the making of a VITOCKEY RULE BOOK, you will play an important role in introducing it to investors interested in an eventual Vitockey league, the possibilities for magic passes. That will require the making of higher ellipses, full size boards (preferably using aluminum casting vertebras), new puck, new sticks, new goals, some new equipment, according to the Golden Formula, etc.

Summary: If this game is organized according to the concept of a parallel environment, the visual transition from small (puck = 42 square centimeters) to large (ice surface = North American 12400000 or Olympic 14590000 square meters) (transition of 1 to 295238 or 347380) would be highly communicative, because of the connecting elements = recognizable sensory information = the use of more than 50% of the brain.

Food for thought, anyone interested in an eventual outdoor tournament might want to reflect on the following:

  • Provide the lines, " Dimensions-Na-O-En ".

  • Find volunteer referees, 1 on the ice and 4-6 outside the rink, please refer to the "views from above" in the zip VitockeyTM, the red dots around the rink are meant to be referees.

  • Invite known players, such as Eric Lindros, or others to see if there are interested in joining the final two teams of the tournament. They could participate in the decisions of the ongoing rules of the game Vitockey .

  • Contact the media. A few years ago, Global TV, Canada, was interested in filming a prototype, etc.

PUBLIC INPUT to further develop the rules of the game VITOCKEY is WELCOME.

Wishing you unified sensory information, 

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