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In the image above left : The foreground is the vertical circle (large), the middle ground is the horizontal circle and the light is the vertical circle (small) in the background. The signature inside the horizontal circle (below) symbolizes the transition from infinitely large to infinitely small or vice versa. Anything that is large or small is equally important because they complement one another...

Jean Jacques Gigučre

The majority of the pages are signed with an image, meaning that the visual language is REAL.

The © symbol at the rear counter balances the front. It is also a reminder that all copyrights are reserved from 1954 -    .

Any person who wishes to use the information of this site for humanitarian purposes like verifying the theories, it is free.

On the other hand, according to the international laws for copyrights, those who wish to use the information of this site for personal reasons, like monetary profits, you have to pay royalties.

The income resulting from this web site is reinvested towards objective research, thank you for your understanding. 

For those who recall seeing a linear visual signature that was part of this web site,

it was removed because;

a) the linear drawing resembled the first letter of Vitockey or v,

b) anyone who is surrounded by unified sensory information for a period of time can eventually reach the required knowledge to reproduce games like vitockey.

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