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The image above is a MINI preview, NO VISUAL EXPLANATIONS.

The simplicity of the discoveries in this web site might appear difficult to comprehend, because they are mainly absent in the present man made world. The following files are a pre-requisite in order to familiarize oneself with the contents of this site which has reached more than 110,000 hours of research.

These explanations take an OBJECTIVE approach and can be used as tools for evaluating the level of visual communication of any image. The facility to objectively read an image depends on the information stored in the thought process of each one.  

1: 2880 x 30000 pixels, 3.27mb

2: 2880 x 30000 pixels, 2.34mb

3: 2880 x 30000 pixels, 2.34mb

Pdf 1: Mainly SOLOS images. Visual explanations.

Pdf 2: Mainly connecting images. Visual explanations.

Pdf 3: Mainly unique images. Visual explanations.The images on the left side were conceived with the accompaniment of unified music, while in Mexico in 1982. These images accentuate the use of multiple planes that have been used for centuries. This approach has a major role in virtual technology, for example the use of layers with software, etc.

If you are having difficulties understanding the visual information, the accompaniment of unified music is recommended. Please be aware that the very great majority of the experts in images comparison live in cities (broken sensory information). They have great difficulty in comprehending the purpose of highly communicative images in 2018.

The unified sensory information unified of Bach, Beethoven, Escher, La tour, Ravel, Rembrandt, Vivaldi… and the natural connecting images 61-70, the equivalent of thousands of unified images (highly communicative) played an important role in the universal discovery Transition and its clarification.

The following files are more examples of unified sensory information (the willingness to work together instead of competing).



CURVE (universe) versus STRAIGHT LINE (man made world).

1000 x 14000

2.43, 2.67 mb 

T En 1





Transition 3 (3a), the MARRIAGE of the CURVE with the almost STRAIGHT LINE.

1000 x 14000

2.87, 3.21 mb

T En 7

Tr 3-3a




26 examples of images in order to help differentiate unified from broken visual sensory information.

800 x 14000


1.95 mb 

T En 4




"The precision of the thought process", multi media...

800 x 14000


1.69 mb 

T En 2





Transparent & opaque color according to the natural light, and examples of parallel versus non parallel virtual 2 D images. Pass = use read only.  


960 x 1280

1.88 mb

T Fr 4

4 min approx



Measuring cerebral activities (fast), 2 D virtual images. Pass = use read only.  


960 x 1280

1.97 mb

T Fr 1

83 SEC




CI 59 C, IMAGE with minimal explanations.

750 x 14000  

1.38, 1.38 mb 

T En 1






Sculptural organization 26a, front views (180 degrees), pine.

1000 x 14000

1.53 à 1.63 mb

T En 1

26 a, b




Sculptural organization 26b, angle views (180 degrees), pine.

1000 x 14000

1.76 à 1.69 mb




This file was originally classified as transition 4A. Its natural organization reflects transition 6 and is compared with the present world manufactured. Format: VERTICAL

12500 x 1000

2.19, 2.36 mb

T En 1 






Tr4-61: Conifers, distance between the oppositions small/large, Regular color photography (7), black-grey-white (1) and infrared black-grey-white (3)...

750 x 7500 and 3000 x 30000

822 kb and 8.13 mb

T En voir Tr4-61 



the following images are part of TRANSITION





the following images are part of  COMPARISONS & RESULTS


Wishing you unified sensory information,  

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