Parallel Color

The name parallel originated from the way light is organized.








When light passes through a prism or the rain, it divides into seven rays of transparent color. Those are non repetitive, never interlace between themselves and align to produce the light (parallel).  A rainbow accompanied by another is a reproduction of this universal phenomenon, not a repetition. The same applies to any reflection on the water.

PARALLEL = COMPLEMENTARITY, parallel in this context means that each element complements the others. One element is never in conflict with the rest and remains infinitely parallel, as each ray which produces the light.


The color of the major elements of the planet are mainly opaque and organized in the same way.

See the following diagram.


ELEMENT (parallel)



blue, blue / purple


blue, blue / green (especially near the equator)


yellow / green, green


brown, grey, (black and white)

sunrise, sunset, flowers, fruits, vegetables,autumns, rare animals, etc.

yellow, orange, red, red / purple, purple, etc.

FOREST (parallel)

The bark


Animals, earth, rocks

Flowers,vegetables, etc


Same color family

Same color family

Same color family

Mainly yellow, reds, etc


Any color

Any color

Any color

CITY (non parallel)



Fashion, advertising, etc

New York











It seems possible to believe that the use of all the colors for each element was copied throughout the centuries from either the rainbow or images or flags... Each ray of the rainbow reflects a different transparent color. On the other hand when these rays are opaque, they are not aligned to produce light and become a false counterpart of the rainbow. The opacity of seven colors next to one another enhanced the cerebral activities and more so when there is motion. Theory: The thought process being busy trying to soften the passage between the unprepared elements is conditioned to compete for everything.

COMPLEMENTARITY or working together




Three very simple examples


Reduced brain activities: Each element only uses one color family. For further information, please view research.

High level of wasted brain activities because the thought process is busy trying to solve information that has no universal reference: Each element uses any of the color families, etc.

Theory: Facility to verify the information and access to solutions.

Theory: Inability to verify the information, copying and looking at solutions from the outside, difficulty and or impossibility to solve anything, etc.

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 and the Power Points.

Some are in French and self  explanatory because of the image content.

This is especially difficult to understand because almost everything in the man made world is broken sensory information. Years of research combining forms and color helped realize the importance of this discovery.

Wishing you unified sensory information,

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