"Transition from static to expansionist thinking" 



Paul, a young extremist gangster, his friend Chantal and his best friend Rémi are at war with a rival gang in Montreal East. Paul is ambushed and killed. Rémi saves Chantal, and they escape from Montreal with their enemies on their heels.  

ACT 11

Rémi with his beautiful and super powerful car succeeds in escaping his pursuers in a rocky mountain road close to St Zénon. The road becomes too rough for the refined car and they are forced to abandon it and continue on foot through the mountains.  

They find a house at the top of a valley. Inside there is an old man called Isidore who is unable to speak. At gunpoint, Rémi forces him to hide them in the meantime we can hear the cars of his enemies passing on the road below.  

Rémi hits Isidore and Chantal stops him. Isidore is a philosopher who lives at peace with nature. He succeeds in communicating Parallel Color through gestures to Chantal. Chantal learns about his discovery. Then, little by little, she passes it to Rémi, who begins eliminating his aggression towards the world. Rémi and Chantal start falling in love.  

Rémi learns on the radio that Chantal's family was attacked by his rival gang. Her mother and her brothers are at the hospital. Rémi decides to go back to Montreal to rescue them.

ACT 111

Rémi gathers some of his rare friends that are still alive and they attack the headquarters of the rival gang. While this is going on, Mario goes to the hospital and finds the young brother of Chantal, the only member of her family that is still alive.  

Mario returns to Isidore’s house in the mountains, with Chantal’s brother.  

Later, the two lovers are holding hands and while looking at the valley, Chantal says to Rémi that she is pregnant and they embraced.


Gigučre / Webster

Originally written for the area of East Los Angeles, with producer Webster, 1998 ©

When Isidore transmits his knowledge to Chantal, images like # 4 (parallel and non parallel environment) pass on the screen. Before he goes back to Montreal, Rémi has visions of playing video games (non parallel versus parallel images like # 5). Starting to understand, he (Parallel Color) plays video games against his adversaries (non parallel color symbolizing violence, hatred…). This part is to introduce to the spectators, the difference between almost static thinking (non parallel environment) and expansionist thinking (parallel environment). The purpose is to make a film that can be sold to the youth who are unconsciously trying to fit into a non parallel society by watching an extremely violent person becoming more peaceful.

What follows are pictures of possible sites for the film:        

# 1 the partially hidden road leading to the house,

# 2 view of the valley,

# 3 the house that could be used for the film,        

# 4 example of a parallel and non parallel environment.

# 5 A-5 B images of simple virtual games (parallel versus non parallel with targets).







This synopsis is opened to all suggestions,

as long as we become aware that there is an option to non parallel environments.

Wishing you unified sensory information,  

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